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About Us

Our Beliefs


Brightview is a team of passionate, engaging and experienced wealth management professionals.  As finance specialists, each one of us has honed skills and gained experience in large banks, leading insurance companies and noted investment institutions.

However, we left our high paying jobs to establish Brightview for a simple reason: we had a collective vision of creating a wealth management company that offered truly independent and unbiased services.

We now combine our individual areas of expertise to actualize our vision of holistic wealth management. As a coherent and prudent team, we bring our clients wealth management solutions that work in their favour, fit into their life plans, and grow with their changing needs.

Last but not the least; we respect our clients and want our associations with them to last for decades and decades.

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Like health, your wealth too needs holistic nurturance. We create wealth management plans with a 360o view of your life.


No bias, no personal interest, no duplicity, no compromises - our solutions are independent, honest and upfront.


We never put all your eggs in one basket. Diversification reduces risk and brings stability to returns.


We have immense respect for you and your hard earned money.


We value your trust in us. As our association grows, we work to increment that trust.


Your details are safe with us. There will never be a breach of your confidentiality.

Our Team


Alex Yu, MBA, CIM

Managing Partner

Director of Investment Services


Snow Gong, CLU, TOT

Managing Partner

Director of Estate and Trust Services


Eduard Ribacov, MD, RHS

Managing Partner

Director of Health and Benefits


Kevin Ye, RRC

Managing Partner

Director of Advisory Channel