We are Brightview, a Toronto-based wealth management company known for holistic wealth management and financial planning solutions that are unbiased, diversified and independent.

Brightview. We brighten up and secure your future with our wealth management solutions.


Wealth management support that begins with your goals, your expectations

Individual, family, business or organization; wealth building is a major life goal for one and all.

However, wealth building is never a ‘one size fits all’ solution for the simple reason that no two individuals or families or organizations are ever alike. You need wealth management support that works as per your circumstances and life plans.

That’s exactly what we do as wealth management specialists.

We begin by putting ourselves in your place. We first understand your circumstances, your perspective, your life goals. And only then do we put in place a wealth management plan that works at meeting your expectations. We look at your financial health holistically and find the best avenues for steady growth with optimized risk. Our unbiased, independent and diversified solutions enable holistic wealth management customized to meet your short term and long term life goals.

Brightview. Professional wealth management solutions in tandem with your life plans.


Who we are

Brightview is a team of passionate, engaging and experienced wealth management professionals. As finance specialists, each one of us has honed skills and gained experience in large banks, leading insurance companies and noted investment institutions.

However, we left our high paying jobs to establish Brightview for a simple reason: we had a collective vision of creating a wealth management company that offered truly independent and unbiased services.

We now combine our individual areas of expertise to actualize our vision of holistic wealth management. As a coherent and prudent team, we bring our clients wealth management solutions that work in their favour, fit into their life plans, and grow with their changing needs.

Last but not the least; we respect our clients and want our associations with them to last for decades and decades.


  Holistic – Like health, your wealth too needs holistic nurturance. We create wealth management plans with a 360o view of your life.

Independent – No bias, no personal interest, no duplicity, no compromises - our solutions are independent, honest and upfront.

  Diversify – We never put all your eggs in one basket. Diversification reduces risk and brings stability to returns.

  Fiduciary – We value your trust in us. As our association grows, we work to increment that trust.

  Respect – We have immense respect for you and your hard earned money.

  Confidential – Your details are safe with us. There will never be a breach of your confidentiality.


Financial Planning

Financial Planning

  • Cashflow management
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax consultation

  • Business Continuation Planning

    Business Continuation Planning

  • Shareholder benefits
  • Buy-sell agreement
  • Business succession

  • Retirement and Estate Planning

    Retirement and Estate Planning

  • Individual retirement strategy
  • Corporate investment strategy
  • Planned giving

  • Investment Management

    Investment Management

  • Diversified asset classes
  • Customized portfolio
  • Tactical rebalancing

  • Wealth Management

    Wealth Management

  • Trust and estate services
  • Discretionary investment
  • Global asset allocation

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

  • Shareholders/Employees benefits
  • Personal liability coverage
  • General insurance



    Earning money today is good but putting that money where it grows into serious wealth tomorrow is even better. Think of your money as seeds that have the potential to grow into multiple harvest yielding trees when nurtured patiently and cultivated correctly.

    This is precisely where our professional expertise lies.

    As an ethical and professional wealth management company, we help you create wealth from your savings and investments.

    The Brightview wealth management is built on four pillars: Profiling & Strategy, Plan & Tactics, Execution & Implementation, Review & Adjustment.

    Profiling & Strategy

    We create a profile and build a strategy: We work with you to zero in on your key goals. Based on what we discover, we derive a strategic set of preferences aligned to fulfil your goals. Getting the right strategy in place helps you maximize gain and minimize loss in the long run.

    Plan & Tactics

    We design a plan and determine tactics: At the same time, we design the right tactics through figuring out where you are now, where you want to be, and how to fill the gap in between.

    Execution & Implementation

    We execute the plan: Implementation and execution are doing the right thing at the right time. It takes discipline, focus and a constant attention to goals to ensure that strategies and tactics are carried out as per the plan.

    Review & Adjustment

    We review and fine-tune periodically: Lastly and most importantly, we know that review and adjustment are the key to sticking to the best path for growth. That’s why; we review your portfolio from time to time and update it as per your changing requirements.


    We are a team of seasoned wealth management professionals. Our skills have been honed and our experiences have been gained working in banks, insurance companies and investment institutions. We share a collective vision and pool in our experiences to focus on your wealth management needs.


    To ensure best match between financial products and your needs, we handpick our partners - carriers, issuers, and dealers - and work closely with them.


    When I came to Canada I was burdened with finding the best solutions to plan for my financial future. The options were overwhelming and it was hard to find someone who understood our background. Alex came from a similar background, and quickly connected with us in a way no one else could. It's been 5 years and we are on track to realize our goals!

    Mr. Peng

    When it comes to shareholders planning for the corporation, I can always trust my advisor at Brightview Wealth Management. He was able to help us sort through cashflow, tax considerations, and turning profit into private savings all together. Brightview was able to work with our accountant and lawyer and incorporate their work into the plan. Bravo!

    Mr. D'alessandro

    In my opinion, a wealth management firm should have great management and team culture. The internal underlying values directly affect how our financial affairs will be managed and developed. The Brightview wealth management team is warm, patient, and transparent. They made us feel special and that our future can be entrusted in their hands.

    Ms. Li


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